Vitor Belfort Calls Out Jake Paul With 30 Million Dollar Winner Takes All Bet

Jake Paul vs Vitor Belfort Boxing match

Vitor Belfort called out Jake Paul to face him with a $30 million “Winner Takes All” projecting the fight for Thanksgiving Saturday this year.

Vitor Belfort headlined Triller Fight Club’s third PPV against Evander Holyfield. He was able to get the win easily with a TKO in the second minute of the first round. Evander Holyfield was not happy with the stoppage, he looked nothing like his top days in the ring.

After the match, Belfort called out Jake Paul for his next match and put on a $25 million winner takes all bet. Belfort’s camp raised it to $30 million.

Jake Paul remains undefeated in four professional boxing matches. The wins have come against AnEsonGib(TKO), Nate Robinson(KO), Ben Askren(TKO) and most recently, Tyron Woodley(split decision). While the wins might not have come against any full-time boxer until now, Paul remains a big draw to sell the tickets and PPVs.

After his recent match, Paul was challenged by Woodley for a rematch, but he posted a condition to agree to fight. He wanted Woodley to get a “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo before signing for the rematch. Paul recently said that the match is no longer in plans after Woodley stalled on getting the tattoo.

Belfort just took part in his second professional boxing bout tonight against Holyfield. The first was back in 2006 where he knocked out Josemario Neves in the first round. But, Belfort comes with a reputation of having fast hands during his MMA career.

So, who are you betting on- Paul or Belfort? Keep tuned in for more news and updates from the world of boxing.