Bobby Lashley becomes the Intercontinental Champion again
Bobby Lashley becomes the Intercontinental Champion again

Bobby Lashley has won back the Intercontinental Championship title from Finn Balor after Balor got distracted by Lio Rush, last night on RAW.

Finn Balor won the title from Lashley at Elimination Chamber in a handicapped match by pinning Lio Rush. Since then Lashley and Rush have attacked Balor a few times. They were also involved a few tag team matches against one another. Rush was also given an opportunity to win the title for himself by Balor but Rush lost the match. Finally, Lashley got his rematch at RAW last night.

As expected, Lashley controlled most of the match but Finn Balor keeps coming back with his athleticism to counter Lashley’s threats. Balor had Lashley down and was about to go for the Coup De’ Grace when Lio Rush rang the timekeeper’s bell. However, as it was an unsanctioned bell, the referee asked Balor to continue with the match. Rush, however, was not done and tried to attack Balor at the apron. After dispatching Rush off the apron, Balor went for the springboard splash but Lashley recovered in time to hit a spear on Balor to get the win.

With WWE doing away with the rematch clause, it will be interesting to see if and how Balor will get another opportunity to get the title back. In the last 6 weeks, both Lashley and Balor have not got a clean victory over the other and storyline seems destined to continue on road to WrestleMania.

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